Best app locker for android 2023

Best app locker for android 2023

Hello and Welcome friends in this blog i suggest you top 3 best app locker of the month

Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard

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AppLock Pro is one of the most popular app locker that you can lock your apps or photos easily.

Choose a lock model, lock apps you want. AppLock is the best way to prevent intruders who want to open your locked apps without your permission.

Your privacy is important for us. Keep your apps safe with this locking app!

★ Lock apps
Lock your private apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Settings, Messages, Messenger, etc.) with a password, fingerprint(if your device supports), pattern lock, or knock code.

★ Spy Camera
When someone tries to open your locked app, AppLock takes a selfie photo from the front camera and saves it.

★ Fake Error Message
You can set additional security precautions. If you activate this setting; when locked apps are tried to be opened a fake error message is shown.

★ Hide Notifications
AppLock blocks notification of locked apps if you activate this feature.

★ AppLock Lock Timer
You can set the timer to make AppLock inactive in a certain time period.

★ Re-Lock Time
You can set re-lock time to make AppLock active.

★ Spy Alarm?
If a password is entered incorrectly 5 times, the spy alarm will be ringing loudly.

★ Customize
You can customize the theme and background style. You can choose an image from the gallery for the background.

★ Other Advanced Features
Vibration, Line visibility, System status, New App Alert, Lock recent Apps Menu. AppLock is optimized for battery and ram usage. Also, you can use AppLock without ads at a low price.

★ Fingerprint Lock (If Your Device Support)
Fingerprint lock for your locked apps. It works if your device supports fingerprint!

★ KnockCode Lock
It is a different and powerful lock system.

★ Pattern Lock
Create a pattern by combining points.

★ Pin Lock
Create a 4-8 digit password.

★ How can I prevent AppLock to be uninstalled?
Firstly you should lock all critical apps. Secondly, you should activate “Hide Icon” in the preferences tab.

★ Why permissions are required?
AppLock contains advanced features. All necessary permissions are required to implement advanced features. For example, “Photos / Media / Files Permissions” is required to select a background image.

★ What should I do if I forget my password?
You can set a new password by using your secret answer.

★ How can I hide pictures and videos?
If you lock the Gallery app then, intruders can not see your photos and videos.

★ How works the spy camera feature?
When the intruder enters the password incorrectly 5 times, the secret answer screen is shown. After answering the secret answer, a photo from the front camera is taken & saved to the gallery.

App lock – Fingerprint lock

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Secure personal information & lock all apps with App lock fingerprint – Lock apps.

App lock password – Pattern pin password applock helps you to secure personal information when strangers access apps on your phone.

Applock fingerprint for android is an application that protects your privacy with the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Our lock application is absolutely secure and always wants to bring you the best experience.

With App lock, your apps are protected quickly. You can change the password whenever you want. Best of all, you no longer have to worry about your personal information being revealed when using Fingerprint applock.

Features of the app App lock – fingerprint lock:

    1. 🔐 Lock all apps on Android phone with

fingerprint, pattern & pin

    1. In particular, with the fingerprint security feature, unlocking will be extremely convenient & fast. (However, Applock only supports fingerprints with Android version 6.0 and above. In addition, to use fingerprint, your Android device needs to have fingerprint sensor hardware and make sure this sensor is still working.

App lock

     password will not be able to unlock with fingerprint if your device is Android version below 6.0 or doesn’t have fingerprint sensor or device fingerprint sensor is damaged.).
    🔐 Quickly search for the apps you need to lock.
    🔐 Personalize the lock screen according to your taste with a variety of Themes updated every day.
    🔐 Statistics of locked apps.
    🔐 Apps you use often are suggested to lock.
    🔐 Easy and secure password change.
    🔐 Absolutely safe and the app is layered with security features: secure keyboard & intruder tracking.
    And many more features coming soon …

App lock fingerprint will help you secure all information by locking your apps:

    🔒 Lock all social apps: No one can compromise personal information without your permission.
    🔒 System app lock: Apps like contacts, messages, galleries, etc. can be locked easily.
    🔒 All banking and payment apps will have an extra layer of security when you use App Lock.
    🔒 Your photos and videos will only be visible after unlocking.

Applock fingerprint & pattern is a smart application that gives you a great experience:

    💡 The security system for the app will work or pause when you click the lock icon on the home screen.
    💡 Fingerprint security feature is always updated with modern new technologies and perfected every day, to bring the fastest and most accurate unlocking experience.
    (Note: Fingerprint only works if your device is Android version 6.0 and above or has fingerprint sensor and make sure it is not damaged)
    💡 Password is designed to ensure absolute security.
    💡 Diverse lock screen themes suitable for all personalization preferences.
    💡 Easily search for apps that need security.
    💡 The application interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

App lock – fingerprint lock keeps your Android phone absolutely safe and you won’t have to worry:

    ❌ Friends borrow their phones to play games.
    ❌ Children play with phone and change settings.
    ❌ Or anyone reading personal data in the app.
    Or maybe all of the other people using your phone without your permission.

Download now App lock fingerprint – Lock apps to have a great lock app experience.

Application app lock fingerprint is in the development and completion process, so we would love to receive your feedback and suggestions via email: Your feedback is extremely valuable for us to improve the product.

Sincerely thank you, best regards!

Applock – Lock for Apps

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 Protect your Privacy with Applock – Lock Apps

Lock APPs, Gallery, videos, messages, social media applications, and files from friends or curious eyes to protect your privacy! Stabile and easy-to-use App Locker!

App lock tool is the unique lock app and hide apps for your secret apps!

App Lock can help you to hide any app and keep your privacy using an app locker. You can open hidden apps in the Applock or your phone’s interface.

Applock – Lock Apps – a unique tool created to hide apps!

——Features of AppLock – Lock Apps——

​​🔒 AppLock can lock Social apps: Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Instagram, Tumblr, WeChat, Snapchat, Meetme, OK RU, Twitter, Likee, Telegram, Pinterest, Linkedin, VK, Reddit, Meetup, etc… Never worry about someone checking your Snapchat, TikTok!

🛡AppLock can lock System apps: Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Play Store, incoming calls, and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security!

⚡ AppLock can lock Shopping Apps
Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Jumia, Olx, Souq, etc.

🔢 AppLock has multiple lock types: PIN Lock, Pattern Lock. Choose your favorite style to lock app.

🖼️ App Lock has a photo vault: Keep a safe Gallery and hide your photos. Encrypt Gallery to make it a photo vault. Keep your memories secure – Photo safe.

🔑 App Lock support screen lock: Never worry about friends borrowing your phone to play games with mobile data again!

❇️ App Lock has rich themes: We have built-in sets of beautiful Pattern and PIN themes for your choice and will continue to update.

🌀 Auto Background: Lock screen background is set according to application.

👍 Easy to use: One click to enable/disable App Locker.

🔋 Low battery and memory usage!

Hide Apps is a secret app where you can hide almost anything, such as dating, social, and other apps.

Did you forget your password?
Open App lock, and click the icon at the top right corner of the lock page. Next, tap ‘Forgot Password, and enter the security answer you predefined in the settings section.

AppLock uses Device Administrator permission.
It’s only used for preventing intruders from uninstalling the App Locker.

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