Best free android apps 2021

Best free android apps 2021

Hello and welcome friends in this blog i suggest you top 5 best android apps you must have and these apps are trending on playstore

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Disable Touch

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been irritated due to the accidental clicks when the phone is in your pocket?
Have you ever wished to listen to movies while you are walking even with the phone in your pocket?Then this app is the perfect solution to solve the problem!

“Disable Touch” lets the user disable the screen touch whenever required to avoid accidental clicks.
*Automatically detects phone calls and re-enables touch if disabled.
*It can be used over any video streaming app like Netflix, YouTube to listen to your favorite videos even when your phone is in your pocket without the worry of accidental touches.
*Avoids ghost touch issues
*It can help you to trace drawings by keeping the image still.
*It can be used while cooking to avoid the need to touch the phone as it keeps the video running even without touch.
*To avoid disrupting the GPS display when your phone is mounted on the dashboard for a map-guided journey

ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself

ToonApp cartoon maker is the best app to cartoon yourself in one tap. Toon app caricature maker offers astounding AI filters for pictures to turn photo to cartoon. You can even cartoonify photos to turn into an anime character with big heads. First cartoon yourself and choose the body you wish to join the big head challenge. If you like anime characters this cartoon picture editor will be your new bestfriend with various digital art filters. Combine drip effect with a cartoon filter to make your vector art stunning. Prepare a wonderful caricature with big heads for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Pinterest. You’ll have awesome big head cartoons for Snapchat, Tik Tok or for VK!

πŸ”₯ Big Head Challenge:
Join the new Instagram photo editing trend easily! Cartoonize pictures in one tap then choose the awesome cartoon body you wish to finalize caricature editing. You’ll have fabulous caricatures with big heads. You can easily adjust the size of your head. Prepare amazing cartoons with big heads for Instagram and use the hashtag #BigHeadChallenge to get featured.

🎨 AI Cartoon Photo Editor:
Toon app caricature maker comes up with all the awesome picture editing tools you need to toonify. First choose a fabulous image from your photo lab or snap selfie using cartoon camera of ToonApp to toon up. Avatar maker comes up with digital art filters to cartoon yourself free and avatarify your astonishing picture. Explore the superb cartoon face filters for pictures to cartoonify photos now! With the comic maker you can even add speech balloons on to your avatar. Colorful brush and splash effect look fabulous on the profile pictures. Anime photo editor has the best AI cartoon filter ever.

πŸ’–Trendy Drip Effect:
Unleash your creativity using the incredible dripping effects. Photoshop effect just in seconds thanks to the comic maker. Either blur background or change it with a fabulous anime background image! There are plenty of aesthetic dripping effects to combine with the toon me filter.

✨Magic Brush Effect:
Portrait mode of the ToonApp cartoon editor works perfectly with the brush effect. It is the easiest profile picture maker ever. Then you can use photo effects of the cartoon photo editor such as glowing heart, star and color splash! For epic photo editing use cartoon portrait editor and fun cartoon maker on your beautiful pic.

πŸ’₯ Toon Backgrounds and Layouts:
ToonApp picture editor automatically removes background, so you can pick a brilliant new background! Bewildering backgrounds take your pics art experience to the next level. First avatarify and toonify yourself by simply clicking on toon me, then add a marvellous toon background for a brilliant profile picture. ToonApp even provides a vast number of bodies for the big head challenge!

🎨Amazing Photo Filters:
In addition to cartoon face filters many vector art effects, oil painting filter and sketch art are available! Breathtaking oil painting photo editor converts your photo to painting or bitmoji!

🀳 Selfie Camera Effects:
Toon app is the best face app, provides epic selfie camera filters and effects to make animation! Try the cartoon camera effects and snap selfie to retouch your pic. Face tune your selfies to have a flawless cartoon face with the avatar maker.

Toon app cartoon photo editor is an all in one picture editing app to toon up photos. You don’t need any other apps to edit photos once you have this toon maker. ToonApp photo editing app also offers dripping effect, portrait mode and much more. Picture editing with the free anime photo editor is so much fun. Awesome toon face filters to cartoon yourself free! To join the challenge, prepare breathtaking animated pictures with big heads for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Pinterest. You’ll have awesome cartoons for Snapchat, TikTok or for VK! Use the hashtags #BigHeadChallenge and #ToonAppChallenge to join the fun challenge!

N Docs – Office, PDF, Text, Markup, Ebook Reader

N Docs allow you to view documents on Android. No internet connection is required.

* Supported file formats

– Microsoft Word(DOC/DOCX, don’t support password protected file)
– Microsoft Excel(XLS/XLSX, don’t support password protected file)
– Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT/PPTX, don’t support password protected file)

– Open/Libre Writer(ODT, Open with thirdparty app)
– Open/Libre Calc(ODS, Open with thirdparty app)
– Open/Libre Impress(ODP, Open with thirdparty app)

– Hancom Hanword(Open with thirdparty app)
– Hancom Hancell(Open with thirdparty app)
– Hancom Hanshow(Open with thirdparty app)

– Portable Document Format(PDF, support password protected file)

* Creatable file formats:

* Editable file formats:

* Document Search
– Support all of the file formats except PDF format.
– PDF will be supported.

* Available cloud services

– Google Drive
– Microsoft One Drive
– Box

Viral Icon Pack

New-age vintage uniform design with dark stylized icons. Ultra sleek iconography, hundreds of wallpapers included, with support for all popular launchers.

Easy-to-use material design app:
– Over 200 matching wallpapers included
– Auto-apply to your launcher
– Easily apply or download wallpaper
– Icon search and showcase
– Tap to send icon requests

– Beautiful cool color palette
– Professional highest quality design
– Dynamic calendar (icon changes each day)
– Android O settings shortcut styles
– Alternate icons with new colors and styles
– Alternate popular system styles: Nexus, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, LG, and more

Pro tips:
– Send an icon request, open Viral app β†’ Menu β†’ Icon Request β†’ Tap to Send request
– For wallpaper, open Viral app β†’ Menu β†’ Wallpapers β†’ Apply. New wallpapers added frequently.
– Search or find an alternate icon:
1. Long press icon to replace on homescreen β†’ Icon options β†’ Edit β†’ Tap icon β†’ Select Viral β†’ Press arrow on top right to open icons
2. Swipe to access different categories or use search bar to find alternate icon, tap to replace, done!

Over 30+ launchers supported:
– Nova, GO, Sony, Mini, Holo, L, Apex, Action Launcher 3, Arrow, Atom, Aviate, Cyanogen, Epic, EverythingMe, Hola, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Nemus, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, TSF, Themer, LG Home, CM Theme Engine, Unicon and XGELS
– Other launchers can simply apply from your launcher settings

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Privacy Dashboard

Have you ever thought which apps are accessing your privacy permission without telling you?
Well! Now you don’t have to, as Privacy dashboard will keep track of that.App has simple and clear timeline view of accesses to location, microphone and camera.

This app mainly focuses on bringing features of “Privacy Dashboard” as seen in DP2 of android 12 to older devices.

– Beautiful Interface.
– Privacy Indicators (permission icon will appear in top-right corner when permission is used)
– Light/Dark Theme.
– Dashboard for 24 hour app usage on home screen.
– Detailed view of permission/app usage.
– No unnecessary permissions.

Permission Details:

Accessibility Setting: To get app usage for location, microphone and camera without having the direct access to camera or microphone, so more privacy.

Location Access: To get the location app usage.

This app will always be free and ad-free, so feel free to support the development via donations.

Special Thanks to MPAndroidCharts (Thanks Phil! :)) for providing a free API service for charts. Here’s the link the library I used for plotting charts in the app:

Special Thanks to MaterialSearchView (Thanks MiguelCatalan! :)) for providing a free searchview with a clean UI with simple implementation. Here’s the link the library I used for this:

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