Best Free VPN for Android 2022 Unlimited Free VPN without Ads!

Best Free VPN for Android 2022 Unlimited Free VPN without Ads!

Hello and welcome friends in this post I suggest you top 3 best VPN for android users through which you can get better ping on freefire and pubg

ProtonVPN: Private, Secure VPN

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ProtonVPN is the world’s ONLY free VPN service that is safe to use and respects your privacy. ProtonVPN is created by the CERN scientists behind ProtonMail – the world’s largest encrypted email service. Proton’s VPN offers secure and encrypted internet access with advanced security features and access to blocked websites and streaming platforms.

Used by millions worldwide, Proton’s secure no-logs VPN offers 24/7 private internet access, and does not record your browsing history, display ads, sell your data to third parties, or limit downloads.

FREE VPN features available to ALL users:

1. VPN accelerator – increases ProtonVPN’s speeds up to 400% to give users an express service
2. Unlimited data with no bandwidth or speed restrictions
3. Strictly NO logs
4. Full disk encrypted servers protect your data
5. Bypass geo-restrictions – smart protocol selection automatically overcomes VPN bans and unblocks censored content
6. Perfect forward secrecy – encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later
7. DNS leak protection – DNS queries are also encrypted to ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed through DNS leaks
8. Split tunnelling support allows you to select which apps go through the VPN tunnel
9. Always-on VPN/kill switch offers protection against leaks caused by accidental disconnections

PREMIUM features:

1. 1400+ high-speed servers across 60+ countries
2. Fast VPN: High-speed servers with connections up to 10 Gbps
3. Connect up to 10 devices to VPN at the same time
4. Stream films, sports events, and videos on any streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc)
5. Access to blocked or censored content
6. File-sharing and P2P support
7. Adblocker (NetShield) – a DNS filtering feature that protects users from malware, blocks ads, and prevents website trackers from following you across the web
8. Secure Core servers protect against network-based attacks with multi-hop VPN
9. Tor over VPN provides automatic integration with the Tor anonymity network

Why ProtonVPN?

• No personal data is required to sign up
• ProtonVPN’s Secure Core architecture allows our secure VPN service to defend against network-based attacks
• Unique VPN Accelerator technology increases your VPN speeds by over 400%
• Uses only VPN protocols that are proven to be secure: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard (no PPTP and L2TP/IPSec).
• Independently audited by SEC Consult with all results published on our website
• Physical data centers accessible only via biometric verification
• Trusted open-source code that can be reviewed for security by anyone
• Data protection using AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption
• Multi-platform support for use across Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and more

Join the privacy revolution
Your support is important as it allows us to continue our mission to bring online freedom and the right to privacy to people around the globe. Get our private VPN free today and enjoy fast VPN connections and a secure internet, from anywhere.

Experts’ opinion:

Mozilla: “There are many VPN vendors out there, but not all of them are created equal. ProtonVPN offers a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN service and is operated by the makers of ProtonMail, a respected, privacy-oriented email service… As a company they have a track record of fighting for online privacy and they share our dedication to internet safety and security.”

PCMag: “[ProtonVPN’s] focus on exacting security at an affordable price tag makes it a compelling choice. Plus, its free version is the best we’ve tested so far.”

Notice for users in China and UAE – ProtonVPN may be blocked due to government restrictions outside our control.

HideMe VPN: Free Unlimited VPN Proxy Connection

Hide me VPN App, free vpn key, Super-fast, multi-region, Unlimited, Super Box VPN with ExpressVPN speed.
VPN Cloud servers for fast connectivity
Over this period we became VPN MASTER
HideMe VPN Free – No Signup or Login
VPN Download with unlimited shared speed
Totally free vpn key, No In-App Purchase, Removed rewarded add feature.
Rank 1 VPN with many award certificates
Vpn just tap and connect
Country free e VPN application for android.
Unlimited Free Proxy with Unmetered bandwidthAdded four languages: Hindi, Arabic, Urdu & English.Currently in 17 regions: U.S, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, India, Australia S. Korea, South Africa Singapore, HongKong, Russia, UAE, and Japan, with new regions added on demand.
To add specific region mail us at

UpComing Technology: Updating all servers to connect super fast and have amazing vpn speed before 20 Oct
Secure & maintain your privacy with just one click.
We do not charge money for the service for the High-Speed VPN. Once connected we never disconnect till you have data
Privacy is a right of Citizen which the ISP, govt & corporates snatch, manipulate & harass with our data.
SpeedVPN, Best Free TURBO VPN client.
VPN Super Unlimited Proxy for free
Why use a Hide.Me VPN?

We Guarantee we don’t monitor any user’s traffic and it is totally free. Just we show ads.
Speed and unlimited Proxy VPN technology
1. To view websites restricted in your region. proxy VPN App creates a tunnel so your data can bypass
2. For a more secure internet environment: When connected to a safe VPN android, your IP Address will be hidden when you surf the internet, so no one can track your browsing activities.
3. If you are on a business trip or studying abroad, the X VPN application is your great tool to use.

– Express VPN for all European Countries & Secure VPN for China


Superfast completely free VPN
Unblock VPN for Zoom, Netflix, Hotstar, and any blocked website
Multiple locations to connect: U.S, England, France, Ireland, Germany India,S. Korea, Australia, Japan & Singapore with more locations adding up every week
All regions are FREE !!! All regions are un-metered

All our servers are whitelisted servers and no ISP blocks them
Totally secure with no logs
No monitoring your data
HideMe Speed VPN protects your privacy from ISP
No Proxy configuration is required
All servers are in High Availability mode & accept huge amounts of data.
Get lifetime free connection
Encrypts all traffic with sha256, each and every packet with dh2048 keys.
Encrypts data using Open VPN protocols (UDP / TCP).
Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.
BoxVPN on all android devices.

Atlas VPN: Secure & Fast Proxy

Atlas VPN – Your go-to VPN for express access to the internet on Android, while providing anonymity, privacy and security creating a true secure online experience without jeopardizing quick speed or access to blocked sites.

Atlas VPN is the revolutionary, free VPN provider trusted by 6 million users worldwide and has been featured in CNET, ZDNet, TechRepublic, TechRadar, Forbes, and The Guardian, to name a few!

Guaranteed for our users:
• Cyber security
• Privacy protection
• Faster speeds without any ads
• Seamless access to high-quality streaming
• VPN experience with free data
• Military-grade encryption
• No logs

Highlighted features our VPN service users love:
• Strong encryption for top-grade security
• Split tunneling
• VPN protocols IKEv2/IPsec and WireGuard
• 700+ servers worldwide for turbo speeds
• Proxy server locations in 20+ countries around the world
• Unlimited number of devices with a single account
• Avoiding online censorship
• Customer support 24/7 and free trial for 7 days!

Bear in mind that these are only the highlights of what Atlas provides better for its users. These super features give Atlas VPN users the opportunity to master their journey online, either to “hide my IP” making them vanish from prying eyes on a stable connection or simply enjoy the pure experience of internet freedom. Enjoy a safe and reliable VPN!

No matter what season of the year it is or how tech-savvy you are, using Atlas VPN with you is making sure that your data is encrypted and online activities hidden. So, browse, stream and game-on! And while many VPNs offer similar features, you have to buy a subscription. Atlas VPN does not do this because unlike other VPNs, we don’t think that privacy is luxury. Your network traffic should be protected regardless of budget. So, join the Atlas family of over 6 million users and embrace the freedom online whether from your local cafe WiFi hotspot or over your home router. Faster, easier to use, and an overall smoother experience.

Unbeatable features for all devices under one subscription.
Atlas VPN offers users Ad blocker, a killswitch, no logs policy and military-grade encryption tunnel using the WireGuard protocol that guides you to an open internet where you can surf the web, stream your favorite shows, change IP with ease, unblock sites and avoid censorship online.

Access around the globe
Our fast VPN gives you access to 700+ servers and 20+ unique locations in Europe, North America, and Asia for your virtual vacation from hackers, monitoring and data leaks. Atlas VPN has proxy servers in Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, the UK, USA and more countries. So, whether sipping an espresso in Italy, or hiking in Switzerland, relax and unblock Netflix or Spotify for streaming movies and music during your next vacation trip and enjoy without geo restrictions.

Privacy and security beyond a VPN
Our Tracker blocker minimizes the risks of entering dangerous websites and our data breach scanner keeps your data safe. We offer a seamless VPN for Android, as well as other popular operating systems meaning a protection for your whole household. Atlas VPN gives you online privacy by blocking sites and ads known for phishing, malware, and viruses.

Anonymous connection guaranteed with our free VPN
Atlas VPN is your trusted shield, preventing third parties from getting insights on your browsing preferences when connected to WiFi hotspots wherever you are at a ridiculous low price.

Risk Free and Premium
Atlas VPN is available for everyone risk free whether you choose the free version of the app or our premium plan, which you can preview with a free trial.

Atlas VPN 24/7 support specialists are waiting to respond to service questions.

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