Best offline games for android 2021

Hello and welcome friends in this blog I show you the top 5 best offline games of the month so relax and enjoy these game best offline games of the month.

MAD ZOMBIES: Offline Zombie Games


Millions gamer are playing this offline game, let’s join to have fun!

ZOMBIE OFFLINE GAMES continues the adventure of zombie killer. The whole world is still withheld by zombies, fire everywhere, the day of the dead is coming, some zombie killers are trying to regain the control, they fight for the big duty, but it’s not easy because of the zombies are getting more crowded and dangerous. Will this warfare complete or not in this Zombie game? It depends on you – the shooter survivor!

Your target is zombie, as many kinds of Zombie games, the target are dead and mad. The target can walk, run, and attack you, they are not stupid zombies, they have the squad and they know how to fight in the warfare. Zombies are walking on the village, the city, the route, maybe in the car or the plant. So to get the advantage in the zombie games, you need the strategy to kill them all, stop the dead by head shot to save your bullet, keep your finger on the trigger and shoot them as fast as you can, if zombies come to you, you’ll die!

The shooters need to become the catchers and zombie killer, there are many hunters are hunting the crazy zombies outside, the reaper can come everywhere, try to be the last one standing in this kind of action game!
This is a shooting game offline that has many kinds of features, it’s the survival games that players have to do whatever to avoid death, to become the best commando!

– In Offline games 3D, Zombie comes from anywhere, they have different age, skills and abilities, they are all mad and want to kill whatever alive
– This zombie game 2019 have not only normal zombies, some huge zombies are boss and more difficult to destroy
– There always have the unexpected Zombie come to kill you when you play sniper games, and the mad one always appears in new survival locations and land.

– This Zombie game is the offline shooting game with simple game play, but hard to be a best terminator, it requires the excellent shooting skills, headshot skills and reasonable tactics.
– Complete the duty, get bonus and equip good weapons to kill all mad zombi, defense your frontier and win in this shooter game
– You want to play Zombie games, don’t make any mistake in shooting and hunting, you can die just by a bite of zombies
– This action game let you compare your shooting skills with other shooters in World opps and get all the free bonus
– Offline Game: Play offline and enjoy this zombie game anytime and anywhere!

– Soldier can feel the real experiment in this kind of sniper games, every movement and effect in the combat is exciting
– The graphics with specific style that only has on this offline game
– One action game that makes you shout ‘’owhh’’ when killing the dead

– Shooting guns and sniper can be customized and upgrade offline with various parts.
– A lot of gun types for shooters in zombie games 2018 offline, each one has its own features, you should choose the right gun for each kind of evil
– Special effects make guns and sniper stronger and more effective to win in the zombie offline games.

2.Cover Strike Ops – Free Gun Fire: War Games 2020


Cover Strike CS Ops – Free Gun Fire: War Games 2020 is new 3d offline team shooting games. It is designed for the lovers of fps shooting games. The main aim of the fps gun shooting game is to destroy all the enemies and then locate the hidden camps and demolish them.

Take the cover strike ops in your hands . You can Freely Gun Fire as a free to fire game brings you some new maps to explore. It allows you to experience some incredible action with counter gun strike 💥. The nature of your missions in this best gun shooting games is counter terrorist 💀. Your enemies are the terrorists who have taken hold of some parts of your nation. As an cover strike ops commando your job is to kill them and demolish them completely in this offline shooting games 2020 💣.

In Cover Strike Ops you will be provided with latest weapons and military equipment. Your weapons will include sniper rifles, AWP, GATLIN, AK47 and M4A1 in this gun games 2020. But keep in mind, all guns in fps offline shooting games 💥 will not be unlocked initially. Each mission will help you get some coins and increase your rank in army free to fire guns game. This will help you to unlock modern weapons in new games 2020.

🥆 Take cover, aim, shoot and eliminate this hazard. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the best military shooter game ever!

Besides weapons, this War Games 2020 brings out the best fps shooting battle. Your counter gun strike missions will be very dangerous and challenging. As a 2020 new games, the counter terrorist operations will include some secret identity missions and stealth missions. You will be given special gadgets for these missions in offline counter terrorist gun games. This top gun shooting game thus brings you the best shooting experience with gun action missions larger than life.


Cover Strike CS Ops – Free Gun Fire: War Games 2020 have the best 3D and HD graphics. These graphics will create a realistic scenario of an fps shooting battle. In complementary with cool graphics, shooting games 2020 also have addictive gameplay. Because each mission is interesting, challenging and needs tactical skills. So, in army free to fire game you need to use your brains first and then some counter gun strike💣. Besides this, offline fps battles are more interesting as you can fight this amazing battles anywhere without need of active connection means you can enjoy offline games. This team shooting games is the real action adventure games 2020.

Time Pass Games.

★★ Best Casual games in one app free download ★★

★★Anyone can play Anywhere and Anytime★★ .★★★★ Best time pass games ★★ ★★


♠ Enjoy our all features totally free
♠ Play Offline: No need for the Internet. Play Anywhere & Anytime!
♠ Works on any phone & Screen Sizes. User and CPU players
♠ Suitable for all level games players
♠ Most fun per megabyte in the world!
♠ A great option for time pass
♠ Regular Updates
♠ Best HD Graphics
♠ Best and smooth UI/UX
♠ Beautiful animations

❤️ Bubble Pop:

Match 3 balls or more to blast and clear the levels. It’s important to make a strategy according to the different bubbles’ layout on every level. Drag your finger to move the arrow in the direction of the bubbles. Lift your finger to shot. Hit and pop all the colored balls to clear levels.

❤️ Drop Balls:

A very simple and satisfying game for time pass. The pin rescue game and you will have to solve puzzles to pull the pin to help all balls to be colored and put on the jar.

❤️ Huntsman:

You have to control your hero and hunt down your enemies one by one. Tap on ur enemies to hit and win more coins.

❤️ Park Hero:

You have to draw a line with your finger and guide the car to park at ur targeted destination. Be careful as you may hit other cars.

GT Car Stunts Extreme Racing 2020

The Amazing crazy car stunts on stunts tracks will blow your mind. Crazy smart GT car extreme race smashing machines and super smart driving stunt environment makes this game more interesting. GT car stunts Extreme Racing is a thrilling game of car racing 2020. You need extreme stunt GT car driving skills to drive safely on tricky impossible racing tracks and curvy Roads. You will feel like you are real GT car driver on real extreme crazy mountain heights and city tracks to accomplish impossible Extreme CAR stunts racing and driving missions. Driving a real super Extreme GT car can be challenging for you. You will have to be competent to complete all the extreme racing gt car stunts track driving missions given to you.

Extreme car Driving games free will bring the best city Gt caR racing games experience in this GT Car stunts extreme racing Driving Games 2020 extreme city car stunt driving. Racing tracks are waiting to be mastered. Extreme Gt Car racing is redefined with ultimate car racing simulator Real Car stunts Driving games extreme racing. With the challenges to earn more cash to help you customize and upgrade your super extreme gt sports car, classic car, racing car & top speed car vehicles in the best street racing extreme Gt car racing stunts 2020 city car crash stunts.

Features of GT Car Stunts Extreme Racing 2020:
• Amazing variety of GT cars stunt race
• Multiple levels to check gt car racing skills.
• Get speedup booster on the way to boost up your gt car speed.
• Endless mega ramp car racing stunts
• Realistic physics with best graphics.
• Awesome friendly Gameplay & environment for GT car stunts 2020
• Extreme GT Car, Sports Cars Models & Top Speed Cars Available
• Crash & Stunt Racing in Extreme GT Car games 2020
• Easy controls, extreme city stunts GT car driving games 2020
• Obstacles, ramps, hurdles and challenging vehicles & modes
• Realistic gt Car Racing stunt Tracks
• Upgrades available for Extreme GT Cars stunt race
• Awesome Multiplayer GT car Racing game

Modern Zombie Shooter 3D – Offline Shooting Games

Play new thrilling dead creature offline zombie shooting games 2020.become the real survival. Zombie Shooter 3D is the real world open world gun action game to experience the zombie attack. To survive in this survival shooting games you need to be the best zombie attack hunter to avoid of zombie attack.

Offline zombie shooting games do not require any internet connection to play and killing zombies. Show off your hunting and shooting skills by killing the dead head the best shooter in zombie real time world war being a real zombie king hunter. As king hunter is a Un Killing Force. It is your duty to protect earth squad from zombie creatures.

Have you played other Commando counter zombie attack or special Zombie commando Shooting missions game to feel real cover fire in zombie attack and you are a pro zombie killer in the shooting games player and a dead strike shooter. If yes then you can become best zombie 3d shooter commando ops as a shooter of this new Zombie Real killer Dead attack game to perform Frontier Zombie Commando counter attack survival mission to demolish all the dead creatures 3d zombie game and best zombie games in the world offline Zombie battleground Combat force in real zombie games. These best zombie games in the world offline give you real zombie commando shooting survival mission is the last hope of army in which you have to win the battle against deadly zombie creature in the zombie hunter game new update. Shoot the Zombie apocalypse with perfect zombies head shot. Hold your trigger of your best 3d gun and kill all left right & behind zumbies.Rescue the others from dead attacks and perform your duty as a sharp shooter zombie games in online & offline FPS shooting Zombie commando. Get the ultimate fps gaming experience with impossible zombie attacks in rescue mission of
real zombie strike shooting game.

A very harmful virus has spread all over the city and humans are turning into zombie 2020 as see in this new zombie games 2020. Most of peoples and residents got infected berry badly and the whole world is turning into doom dead zone and turns into zombie and world becomes zombie land. Kill the zombies and advance in zombie eland. No one rescue you in this game.
Zombie are everywhere just crush the zombies before they spread everywhere and make the whole world just a zombie eland. Zombie assault or zombie war just begins now in the zombie hunting 2020 new game. Kill zombies before they attack on you. Zombie hunt just starts in dead town city. It is a call of duty zombies hunt mission in best zombie games in the world offline. Killing zombies is just fun until they inject virus in you & other around you in the dead town city. Zombie can suddenly attack and break the doors and just appear randomly in this zombie shooting game. Black ops zombies is night time special operation to experience in new zombie hunting game.

* Amazing UI & Sound Effects.
*free zombie games offline without internet
*High Quality Zombie Environment with realistic experience.
*Exciting Gameplay & Much More.

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