Best offline games for android under 100mb

Best offline games for android under 100mb

Hello and Welcome Friends in this blog I show you some offline games which are having under 100 mb and awesome graphics quality so watch till last and enjoy.

Note:- For downloading an app click on the title name and download it

Go To Town

The “Go To Town” game allows you to roam around the grand city. Admire the beauty of the big city, beautiful beach, Football stadium and the fitness club. With this game you can drive specific street cars around the city and go to small town where you can find beautiful houses. Go to motorcycle and admire the great beauty of the grand city.

Key features:
– Easy control
– Fantastic graphics
– Specific cars
– Motorbike
– Motorcycle riding
– Control of the third person
– Grand Street
– Grand City
– Beautiful town
– Beautiful beach
– Fantastic car physics
– Fantastic people physics
– Football stadium
– Fitness club
– Retro Car’s Gallery
– Racecourse (the opportunity to ride a horse)

OverRed Racing – Open World Racer

Explore the open World With OverRed Racing – Open World Racer
In OverRed Racing – Open World Racer you can
– Drive around in the open to explore the races.
– Pace through career mode and unlock amazing cars and liveries.
– Customize your car with attractive liveries
– Enjoy the game offline as well. This game doesn’t require internet connectivity.

– Ultra realistic 10+ unique locations around the world
– Exclusive free roam location for free driving

– Win car races and earn cash to unlock cars
– Win with five-star rating for Gold Reward
– Use gold to unlock premium racing cars
– 18+ custom Designed cars to explore

Race from start to finish with 3 opponents. Be first to cross finish line to win the race.
Race from start to finish, Cross the finish line before the time runs out to win.
Pass through all the checkpoints before time runs out.
Pass through all the barricade gates before time runs out. Hitting the barricades will incur penalty of 3 Seconds.

Drift more and have minimal damage to cars to improve chances of getting Gold Reward.
Adjust steering sensitivity according to the track.
Turnoff Stability controller and reduce tire grip to enable long Drifts.
The game progress is saved locally in the device; online syncing is not available currently.

Smiling-X Zero: Classic scary horror game

How was the evil corporation that tries to subdue the human race created?
Who was Hari and what led her to discover the horror in a Hotel 40 years ago?
Are you ready to discover the truth?

Many people are not prepared to know the truth, so this adventure will bring out the bravest of you, help Hari to find her parents and discover who the evil Lord is and what he plans for the other inhabitants of the city.
Enter the dark hotel and evade the dangers of terror in a dark and overwhelming environment.

If you like horror games, these are some of the features that you will find:
* Overwhelming atmosphere and suspense
* Terrifying enemy and strange characters
* Atmosphere of suspense

You will have to help Hari to discover Lord’s plans by solving situations in limited time and finding the key to the exit.

BiBi World (Early Access)


Become the best runner out there!

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE hundreds of obstacles!
JUMP to the finish line!

BiBi World is a bold and brand new project from Oh BiBi that allows you to play with all your friends, race through the city highs, explore incredible places, and finish the most challenging levels. Can you make it to the end?

Choose from a big range of unique and stylized characters and be part of one of the most fun, racing, platformer games out there.
– Join a massive multiplayer party-game session that unites up to 20 players at the same time!
– Play with your friends and challenge them to finish the most difficult levels in record time.
– Be the last one standing and become the best runner of the Bibi Universe.
– Share your favorite moments, build new worlds, and make friends in your way to glory!

Air Battle: World War

Enter the 3D action air battle of World War1 and be a hero!
You fight as a pilot from allied powers or central powers against each camp in the first world war.
Enjoy the classic style arcade game of WW1 and shoot ’em up.

Game Features
(1) 18 fighters based on real history
(2) Many of enemy airships, hot-air-balloon, and fighters, tanks, bombers
(3) 40 missions and extra 14 custom missions
(4) Various weather condition
(5) Can be played offline(include flight mode)

Each mission has a wide array of modes. (tracking, slaughtering, looting, defense and so on)
You can eliminate dozen of enemy fighters and ground units using only one shot, Le Prieur rocket. (splash damage)

You can buy new advanced fighter, rocket, extra gas, repair kit, and divine protection a shield saving mission money.

It’s time to be an ace pilot of the WW1 air battle. Show the world that you own the skies!
The best free 3D action game is waiting for you! Perfectly suited 3D game for any action players. Now into the fire of burning the western front sky.

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