How to find a job in India (2022)

How to find a job in India: If you are looking for a job in India and how to get it, come to our website and you have come to the right place. I have discussed some of the best websites and apps in this post. Will help you find a job that matches your skills and qualifications. You must stay connected with us till the end (how to find a job).

Today we have plenty of job portals where employers and companies post their vacancies using recruitment software and candidates browse the requirements and apply for their qualifications and eligibility.

The biggest advantage of this system is that job opportunities are not limited to just a few candidates but are accessible to a lot of talents. Anyone can apply for the job regardless of their physical location.

Finding the best job for yourself through proper research is not difficult. In this article, I will cover some of the best job search websites and apps in India that will help you find a job that matches your skills and qualifications.

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Young candidates across India use these job sites and apps to find the job of their dreams. If you’re struggling to find a job, don’t worry; read this post carefully, and get closer to the two steps toward your dream job. So friends, let’s start today’s article without wasting time.

Best Job Search Sites & Apps in India – how to find a job

how to find a job
how to find a job on linkedin

Finding a job becomes easier when you find a job on one of these reputable websites. On all these websites, you have to provide your actual details. In addition, you need to mention your achievements, experience, degree, etc.

Hello friends, I have discussed below the best job search sites and apps in India. You must know the details about those apps and sites. Finding a job becomes easier when you find a job. So let’s start today’s article.

1. – how to find a job

Founded in 1997, the name of the company itself means “job”. Among the first job portals in India, Naukri has expanded massively over the years and created a new for itself in the world of staffing and human resources.

This company still enjoys almost a 60% market share in the Indian job hunt market. Just a look at the numbers should suffice: there are already about 50 million users on and almost 10,000 new resumes are updated by job seekers on the website every day. This is a testament to the mighty chuck of people who find employment using this website.

The best part of this website is that it’s one of the top free job portals in India.  Most users don’t need to pay a single penny for applying for a job on this site. Users can signup and upload their resumes right away, they can also share their websites or portfolios in their profile if they belong to a creative industry.

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Naukri, however, has now expanded its offering and has a premium subscription-based service too which promises to match you with the best jobs in your domain based on your profile and qualifications.

At present, it has become the most prominent job provider in India. It is also the best app for a job search in India. More than 20,000 people upload their resumes and CV at Naukri every day. Indian, as well as MNC companies, hire their people through This is also the best job posting site for employers in India.

You can register on the website and download the app on your smartphone to access millions of jobs available on Naukri. – how to find a job

Hello friends, I have come up with a great website for you. From there you will get all the job information and new updates. So friends, let’s take a look at that website. You must stay connected with us till the end, so let’s start with today’s details. This is a great website, you will get updates about all kinds of private jobs from this website, which will help you find a job. Bookmark website without delay to get the latest updates on all types of private jobs.

3. LinkedIn – how to find a job

I am sure that you have already heard about LinkedIn as a social media platform for professionals. But LinkedIn is more than a social network where professionals share their progress, goals, and daily motivational posts.

You can search for thousands of jobs relevant to your profile on LinkedIn. For example, if you’re a web designer, LinkedIn will show you various jobs in your city or all over India that match your profile.

Apart from that, you can build contacts with strong professionals that will help you in the long run. Overall, LinkedIn subtly helps you portray your professional side.

A robust LinkedIn profile is the key to finding an excellent job. Therefore, if it comes to LinkedIn, don’t stay behind.

4. Monster India – how to find a job

Monster India is one of the best job search websites in India, so friends let us know the details about this web CJ A global online employment portal, Monster was launched in India in 2001. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Monster India is suitable for job seekers both in India and abroad.

Users can set up their profile for free, either on or its app, available for both iOS and Android. The company lets users search for jobs by skill, title, industry, location, education, and more. In addition, it has a section dedicated to freshers as well as those looking for remote work. In addition to job listings, Monster India also offers career tips and resume services.

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They have collaborated with the Indian Air Force Placement Cell (IAFPC) and the Indian Navy Placement Agency (INPA) to provide suitable second career options for retired and shortly retiring Air and Navy personnel. Monster India has also started ‘’ – a job portal exclusively for job seekers in rural India, to help them find corporate jobs.

How to search or apply for jobs through online portalshow to find a job

Applying or searching for jobs on online portals is a fuss-free and paperless task. Job search in India follows more or less a standard format if you apply through an online portal.

  1. The first step before searching for a job is to get your resume and a basic cover letter ready. The resume should be clear, updated, and specific. Having a basic cover letter handy is an added advantage. You can fine-tune it as per the company requirement while applying for the job.
  2. Register yourself and create a profile on an online portal.
  3. Fill correct details in your profile. The recruiters would connect with you based on the profile created by you.
  4. Once you have created your profile you may now search for jobs using the correct keywords.
  5. Based on your profile the portal would suggest some job openings too.
  6. Apply for the particular job opening. Make sure you include a Cover Letter. 
  7. If the recruiter is interested in your profile, you would get a callback or an email. Then the further process begins by providing some additional information, appearing for an employment test (if any), and/or an interview.
  8. It is very important to always keep your profile updated.
  9. how to find a job


As the job market expanded rapidly, millions of new professionals graduated each year. As a job seeker, you should first focus on your skills and find out what you are very good at. Most companies prefer experts who have the necessary skills as well as good communication, teamwork, and a good degree of creativity.

I discussed in the post, the best job search sites and apps in India. I hope you have read and understood our post well. Thank you for joining us to the end. Bookmark our website to get these kinds of updates, so you can get the latest updates.