How to get free data in jio without recharge 2022

If you want to get free data in Geo without recharge and come to our website to know how to get it then you have come to the right place. Today I will discuss how to get free data on Geo. Get Geo Free Data and Unlimited Calls and SMS.

This post is going to be special for those JIO users who are looking for a JIO free recharge on the internet. These strategies will really help you to recharge JIO for free and enjoy the high speed of JIO.

how to get free data in jio without recharge 2022
how to get free data in jio without recharge 2022

Today we know how JIO is constantly raising the price of its plan. Basic recharging is now becoming difficult for a JIO user. But we Indians always try to use things to find a shortcut. But in the hope of getting JIO-free data, we sometimes resort to unsolicited tactics and waste our time.

Google and YouTube will show you many apps that claim to recharge you for free, but most apps fail to do so. To deal with this problem I have come up with some practical ways for you to get the Geo Free Recharge 2022 Tricks to offer code.

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There are some ways to get data for free in jio, through those methods you can get data for free. Those methods I have discussed below. You must watch our post till the end and learn about the methods.

Jio Free Internet Data Tricks for 2022

Jio has some methods to get data for free, though those methods you can get data for free. These methods are 100% effective and verified techniques. You can try all the strategies mentioned here and get up to 10GB of free data on your Register Geo number. If you’ve used all of the strategies below, try again and get free data multiple times. Get up to 25 GB of free data using Jio Voucher.

Jio 10GB Free Internet Trick

By downloading jio TV from Playstore, you can instantly get free 10GB 4G data to your jio number. You can follow the steps given below and get 10 GB of data for free.

  • Install the JioTv app from the Playstore.
  • If you already installed try clear data and cache for the JioTv app
  • Open the app and Log in by skip login.
  • Tap on any channel and watch for a few seconds.
  • Close the app
  • Data will be given to your account shortly.

Jio Free Internet Offer – Get 10GB Free Data with Jio Free Vouchers

Jio Free Internet Offer – Get 10GB Free Data with Jio Free Vouchers
Jio Free Internet Offer – Get 10GB Free Data with Jio Free Vouchers

Reliance Jio provides free data to users with vouchers. You can redeem Geo free voucher from the MyJio app. Recently, I received a 10GB free data voucher from jio. The validity of the voucher is 90 days from the date of credit. So you have 90 days to redeem the voucher and get free data in jio.

Once redeemed, the free data will be valid according to the validity of your current plan. You can redeem one jio free voucher after another from MyJio App. The free data balance will be credited to your account. You will soon receive a notification for free data stored in your account.

There are also some apps from which you can get free data so friends stay connected with us till the end to know about that app. I have discussed those app shots below. So friends, let’s start without delay.

Get Free Jio Recharge with Databack App

Databack is a popular app to get free mobile recharge. Download the app from the android store and start getting free data. The Databack app gives back the data you are using for almost all apps. 

  • Download the Databack app from the Play Store
  • Register on the app
  • Start browsing mentioned apps
  • Get your data back
  • Recharge your Jio number for free


Friends, I have discussed in this post how you can get data for free, so I have discussed some tricks and apps, you can get data for free on jio through those tricks and apps. I hope you enjoyed our post and understood. Those who still understand better how to get free must read the post carefully again from the beginning to the end.

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