How to Install Kali Linux In Any Android Without Root

🔰 Install Kali Linux In Any Android Without Root 🤩

👋 Hello Guys today I will teach you how you can use Linux distribution on your android device a simple method how to install kali Linux in your android phone

👇By this method, you can install

✅Distributions• Kali Linux,ubuntu ,Debian
✅Browsers• Firefox ( desktop)
✅Desktop• Lxde Xfce
✅Development• Python Ide, Git

👉 on your Android smartphone without any root access 🤩

👣 Steps To Setup –

◽️ Step#1 First You need to download two Apps on your android device

•UserLand – Free Download (
•VNC Viewer – Free Download (

◽️Step#2 After Download Install Them Normally

◽️Step#3 Open Userland App Now you will see the list of the above-metioned distro and other things

◽️Step#4 choose any which you want to install on your device

◽️Step#5 it will ask you to create a username and password, just create any username and pass and keep them in mind

◽️Step#6 Now choose connection type “VNC”

◽️Step#7 it will prepare the environment automatically for you

◽️Step#8 after that just click on that distro which you chooses in step#4 and you will connect to it in vnc viewer app, vnc will ask password simply put there which we created in step#5

Enjoy Now 😊 you can install multiple things its depend on you ❤️

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