How to Lock & Secure Your Chat Conversations on Instagram 2021

How to Lock & Secure Your Chat Conversations on Instagram

hello and welcome friends in this blog i tell you how to lock and secure your Instagram chat.

if you don’t want to share your Instagram chat to any one you can lock it .

Step 1 You have to follow these steps

Step 2 Download the given app below

Step 3 Open the app and select a pass code

Step 4 access the Instagram permission

Step 5 lock the chat which you want

Step 6 Boom You done it !!!!



About The app

With this Instagram Chat Locker no one can open your private chat or see your Social media account. just add 4 digits pin and secure your chat from unauthorized access. Our locker for Instagram Ensures to Safeguard Your Messages from Anyone Using your Phone. This best Instagram locker app helps lock both account and chats be it individual or group thereby preventing unauthorized access. Locker for Instagram Chat App is your guard to secure sensitive and private chats from unauthorized access. Chat locker for instagram application is designed to protect your instagram chats from the prying eyes of others.

Secure Private Chat: Chat Locker for Instagram provides personal privacy on their chat conversation. It will Protect your conversation from others. Chat locker is a new chat vault app that makes your life easy. Instagram Chat locker offers you a lock for your chat that can secure or lock some of your chat instead of locking an application with a passcode. Secure private chat from unauthorized access with using of chat locker for instagram. This Locker can lock both the chats and the app itself. Create a password for your chats and lock your private chat.

The Chat Locker for Instagram Social App, Specially designed to secure your private conversations. It also offers you these marvelous features like:

1. A 4-digit code, which is easy to remember than Alphanumeric Password.
2. Passcode and Fingerprint dual-mode supported.
3.Password can always be recovered through the recovery email that is pre-set by you.
4.You can also lock the entire Instagram Social App.
5.Unlimited Chats of your conversation that can be locked.
6. The chat locker is so easy to use interface with a fast unlocking feature.
7.A very Low battery.

How Chat Locker Works?
Install the Instagram Chat Locker and open the App, then add a 4 digit pin or set a pattern, or set your fingerprint lock.
specify your email address for password recovery, in case you forget it.
Allow the required permissions to the chat locker.
Click the + button to open Instagram chats on your Android Phone.
Choose the chats you wish to secure.
Add chats to lock one by one you want.

Note: You can add only one chat at a time. If you want to add more chats, then tap on the + button again.
All the locked chats will show in a list you can see the chats only if you have the password. This will applies to all secured chats.

What To Do If Forgets Password?
Suppose you forget your Chat Locker pin code just click the FORGOT PASSWORD button and you will receive it at your registered E-mail address. There will use one password for Chat Locker Application and chats both.

Stop anxious about your private information being revealed. No More Cheats to your Social media account. Now You Can Easily Secure Your Private and Group Conversations and Maintain Their Privacy Using a 4 digit pin.
With this Chat locker App installed on your Android device, you can easily protect your chats from those who borrow your phone just to spy on you. Whenever you will open this locked chat it will ask you for a security code and after entering the right pin it will open the chat. Your chat will be safe and only can be opened with the pin by using our Instagram Chat Locker App.