How to read deleted messages on Whatsapp

how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

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How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

Using the Notification Log app, you can read deleted WhatsApp messages. It’s important to note from the beginning, though, that you cannot read messages that had been deleted before the app was installed.

?There are just a handful of simple steps to follow before you can have permanent access to thought-to-be deleted messages.

Step one

First, go to the Play Store and download the Notification History Log app or Log Whatsapp link are given below. It is a third-party app that maintains a log of all notifications and can be used for reasons beyond reading deleted messages.

If you accidentally clear notifications from the notification panel before accessing them, you can do just that through the app.

Step two

Once installed, you have to allow the app the necessary access and permission, allowing it to access your notifications.

Step three

From there, you will have any notification that appears on your phone stored in the Notification History Log app. They will automatically appear in the app and can be found in the ‘Advanced History’ section.

As a result, even deleted WhatsApp has deleted a message, it can still be seen via the third-party app.

Step four

The app’s only downside is that the best version is paid for, and the free version can cause a bit of a clutter on your phone.

About the App

LogWhat helps you identify the times your kids spend online on Whatsapp. You can compare your child’s number with your other child’s and can see the which times both of them are online. You can see the online times of young members of your family, see whether they are online while they are studying. Also, are they sleeping at night ? You can check out this. As soon as the your children you follow are online, you can receive notifications and track their online time on charts in daily, monthly and yearly ways. You can see which hours they are online on the clock chart.

New Features

-Online and Offline Notifications
-7/24 Unlimited Time Tracking
-Free Trial
-Compare for Two Different Numbers
-Detailed Analysis
-Detailed Reports
-Safe Use
-Customer Support

You are safe with LogWhat.

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