How to see last seen on WhatsApp if hidden or blocked

How to see last seen on WhatsApp if hidden or blocked

Hello and Welcome friends in this blog I teach you how to see last seen or online status if he/she blocked or hides their last seen.


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So if you want to do it follow me till the end.

Step 1 Visit play store or click on the download link

Step 2 Download install and allow permission

Step 3 Enter a victim phone number

Step 4. Start Tracking



About the app


Yansa allows you to track and scan activity statistics in applications such as vk, whatsapp, and telegram. Just add a profile to collect statistics and even if you are offline, our app will work 24/7!
In our app you can add up to 10 vk, whatsapp or telegram profiles, and view analytics for each profile with a choice of dates and time intervals. Statistics are displayed up to the second!
You will be able to receive push notifications every time one of the added vk, whatsapp or telegram profiles status is online or offline.
Our tools work with vk, tg plus whatsapp, profiles all the time, regardless of whether you are offline or logged out of the app!
Main features of the app :
Tracking user activity in vk, tg, whats;
App work offline and when app is turned off;
Detailed Analytics for each profile;
Getting push notifications about profile activity;
Lack of authorization and registration;
Ability to track up to 10 profiles simultaneously;
24/7 support;
Trial period for a day.