How to use discord in 2022

Don’t know how to use Discord in 2022 and come to our website to know how to use Discord. If you are in the right place, today I will discuss how to use Discord. You must stay with us till the end. So friends, let’s start without wasting time.

What is Discord?

directly from the respective app stores. Or if you’re on Windows or Mac, you can use it from the Discord website. Although, you do get a richer experience from the app.

Eventually, Discord will be integrated with PlayStation consoles in some form. It’s also available on Xbox One, but you can’t use it for a chat. It only allows you to see what you’re Discord friends are playing.

Discord has now been integrated with PS5 and PS4, but not quite in the way you might think. You can link your PSN account through the Discord app to show what you’re playing and how long you’ve been playing it. Voice and text chat however are still not available.

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Play Discord Channel Games (2022)

Discord is still testing channel games at the moment. As of now, channel games are available through the company’s Games Lab server. However, we have also included a method that you can use to play channel games on any Discord server right now.

List of Available Discord Channel Games

Discord currently offers a total of 10 channel games, which I have listed below. Others must see what games offer.

  • Word Snacks
  • Sketch Heads
  • Poker Night
  • Chess in the Park
  • Letter League
  • spellcaster
  • Checkers in the Park
  • Blazing 8s
  • Land-io
  • Putt Party

Popular Discord Servers

Although millions of people around the world use discord servers to build communities, there are some servers that are most popular with the public.

Here’s a list of the most popular servers with the number of Discord members:

  • MrBeast Gaming: 700,011
  • Nookazon: 507,213
  • Mythpat: 483,534
  • Live Insaan: 486,053
  • Among Us: 481,107
  • Roblox: 479,147

How do I Discord?

You can run Discord on your phone or your computer. There are mobile apps for Android and iOS. On a computer, if you want to keep it simple, you can run it in your web browser, or download a desktop client to use more advanced features like game overlays. There are free downloads for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

The very first thing you’ll have to do after opening the software chooses a username. It can be anything, even your real name, though most people tend to use pseudonyms. (Discord automatically attaches a random string of digits to the end of every username, so whatever you pick will be unique.) You’ll have to link your username with an email and password later.

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Next, it will prompt you to start or join a server. Servers are the main forums on Discord, and likely what you came to the platform for. Think of them as micro-communities, each with different users, rules, and in-jokes. Some are public, while others are private and require an invitation to join. There are servers for your favorite games, bands or music genres, political ideology, or just hubs for sharing some random memes. Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a Discord server for it.

We’ll get to how to manage your own servers in a minute, but you’ll probably have some more pressing questions when you first log in.

Is Discord free?

Discord is free to use. It can be downloaded for free. That being said, there are some paid subscription options that offer Discord. With these, you will get additional features that free users do not get. So it is up to you to decide whether these features are worth your hard-earned money each month.

For some, the subscription may be valuable. For others, they may not be. But the beauty of the options offered is that they don’t really have to pay to have a great experience with Discord. Using the free version is perfect, and you still have access to all or most of the features that are needed for a great experience.

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