Top 3 App Locker for android user 2021

Top 3 App Locker for android user 2021

Hello and welcome friends in this blog i tell you top 3 best app locker of the month

Chat Locker for WhatsApp

Download Whatsapp Chat Locker Now!

Chat Locker for Whatsapp Messenger Is a Group and Private Chat Locker App It Adds a Password to Your Whatsapp Messages. It Does This by Simply Adding 4 Digit Pin to Enter Any of Your Whatsapp Chats. Our Messagenerlocker Ensures to Safeguard Your Messages from Anyone Using or Browsing Your Phone. Without the Pin, No One Can See Your Private Messages.

No More Looking for Cheats to Whatsapp Now You Can Easily Secure Your Private and Group Whatsapp Conversations and Maintain Their Privacy Using a Passcode.

✓ Free to Use and Has No Limitations.
✓ Best for Locking Whatsapp Private & Group Chats
✓ Supports Pin and Fingerprint Lock
✓ Protects Whatsapp Chats from Unauthorized Access
✓ Secure WhatsApp Group or Individual Chats.
✓ Single Password for App Lock and Chat Lock
✓ Lock Complete Whatsapp Messenger App or Conversations Only
✓ Chat Locker Does Not Drain the Phone’s Battery
✓ Uses Less Space, & Does Not Share Data

How to Use
1 – After Installation, WhatsApp Chat Locker It Will Ask You to Set a 4 Digit Pin, and Will Ask to Confirm.
2 – App Will Show the Configuration Option to Enable the Required Permissions, Grant It.
3 – Now, Tap on the ‘+’ Icon to Add the Chat You Need to Lock

You Should Update Whatsapp Messenger App Before Using Whatsapp Chat Locker, Upgrading Whatsapp Messenger to Latest Version Will Avoid Any Problems in Chat Locker.

Phone Master –Files clean,Security,Booster,APPLock

Phone Manager to master clean!
Phone Master – clean junk files and Speed Booster, with features: Applocker, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner for android, CPU cooler and Battery Saver,Virus cleaner

✅ All-in-one junk cleaner and privacy guard

Surprise For Update
✅ Scheduled antivirus
✅ Diverse Festival Theme
✅ More Friendly and foldable Notification
✅ More efficient power-saving and data-saving

Why Choose Phone Master?

✅ With powerful cleaning engine: Cache Cleaner, Junk file cleaning, Phone Master can fully speed up your phone performance.
✅ With multiple privacy protector to protect your phone security.

Core Features of Phone Master:

🚀★ Speed Booster
No more auto-start application in the backend. Phone Master boosts processing speed, clean unnecessary apps that running in background and save battery.
🗑️★ Phone Cleaner (Folder clean)
Always feel slow and need more space when using your phone? Best Phone Cleaner to remove junk cache files, Clean up storage, boost performance
🔋★Battery Saver
The battery saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use. Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and promote battery life.
Scans for virus on all apps, keep your phone safe from viruses, virus cleaner trojans and protects, make your phone safe security
📱★CPU Cooler
Cooling the CPU heat by detect and close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise.
App Locker can lock up apps, photos, messages, and other private data with password or pattern. You can easily protect your private information. Hide sensitive photos, videos, contact, SMS and communication apps by encrypting it. Give your secret solid protection as your best defender.
📉★Data manager
Data manager can set data plan for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and whatever date circle you want. Data Manager also can display data usage per app. Easily identify most data-hungry apps in your device. Make your cellular data usage more clear and simple.
Deep Clean
Manage all your phone on one screen. Delete unwanted image, video, audio, installation package.
Files Manager
Full of different kinds of files can take lots of phone memory. Move your large file in just one single tap to free up space.


How does Phone Master Clean your device?
Make your phone clean is our top priority. We have several features to help you improve your device. No more bust and freeze.
✔ Clean cache trash – clear system cache and apps’ cache junk files to reclaim the space.
✔ Clean apps’ installation package – clean the installation apk of apps
✔ Clean uninstall remains-clean residual junk file from deleted apps;

How does Phone Master make your phone faster?
Does your phone speed become slower day by day and even hang up? Our phone booster will accelerate your device and cool down the CPU temperature.
✔ Boost processing speed, halt unnecessary apps that running in background. Improving the running speed.
✔ Analyzes CPU usage detects overheating apps, and close them immediately to cool down phone temperature. Never make phone hot.

How does Phone Master help you master your phone?
✔ Use Data Manager to set a data usage plan, monitor what apps are using the data a lot, and get alerts before you run out of data.
✔ Battery Saver can help you find out what’s draining your power. Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery.

Smart Protector – Security of app, picture, movie

Do you have any apps, photos, or videos that you need to protect from others?

Smart Protector protects your privacy through strong app lock and media encryption.

Even if you lose your phone, others cannot easily access the secured apps and media.

App lock security
Security is strengthened by setting a security pattern when running the app.
Also, it may appear that apps are not running normally by popping up fake error messages.

Various authentication security
You can use various authentication modes such as password, pattern, biometric authentication (mobile phone support required).

Photo and video security
Photos and videos selected from the gallery are encrypted and can be safely managed with Smart Protector.

Set screen brightness
You can adjust the screen brightness when running the app.

Keep screen on
You can keep the screen on when running the app.

Set screen orientation
When running the app, you can set the screen orientation to auto, portrait, or landscape.

Delete protection function
You can set the Smart Protector app not to be deleted.

Support lock reset function when password is lost
If you forget your password, you can reset it through the reset setup menu.
However, if

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