Best App Lockers For Android 2021

Top 5 best app lock for android 2021

Hello and Welcome Friends in this video i suggest you top 5 best app locker

Lock App – Smart App Locker

#1 app locker in 54 countries. Millions of satisfied users
Lightweight, ad-free, approved by Google

Want to lock your Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Camera, Hide Gallery, Hide Photos, Hide Videos etc. Lock them easily on your phone. Completely Free, No Ads, and Small size

How does it work?
• Lock any app in the App Locker
• When the locked app is launched on your phone, you will be asked for a password
• Enter the set password to unlock the app

Other features

The only app in PlayStore with
• No Ads
• Completely Free
• Smallest Size
• No battery impact
• Regularly updated
• Fingerprint unlock option
• Super secret mode – Hide icon of the app
• Support for: Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock, and intuitive Crash Screen Lock

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the support email.


AppLock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps using Pattern , Pin , Fingerprint and crash screen with many other options.

—- Features —–
▶ Lock Apps / App Locker
AppLock allows you to lock apps like gallery , message apps , social apps and email apps with fingerprint , pin , pattern and crash screen.

▶ Capture Intruder Picture
If someone tries to open locked apps with wrong password , AppLock will capture the pictuer of intruder from front camera and show you when you open AppLock.

▶ Lock Recent Apps
You can lock recent apps page so no one can see the content of recently used apps.

▶ Custom Settings
Use separate combination of locking methods with different pin or pattern for a specific apps.

▶ Crash screen
set crash screen for locked app , so no one can know that if an app is locked.

▶ Fingerprint Support
Use fingerprint as secondary , or use only fingerprint to un-lock apps.

▶ Improved Lock Engine
AppLock use two locking engines , default engine is fast and the “Improved Lock Engine” is battery efficient with more features that does not drain your battery.

▶ Turn Off AppLock
you can turn off AppLock completely , just go to app settings and turn off the app.

▶ Lock Timeout
you can to re-lock apps after some time [1-60] minuets , immediately or after screen off.

▶ Simple and Beautiful UI
Beautiful and simple UI so you can perform any task easily.

▶ Lock Screen Theme
lock screen changes color according to the app that you locked , every time when lock screen appears you will experience AppLock differently.

▶ Prevent Uninstall
To protect AppLock from uninstall you can go to AppLock setting and press “Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”.


Q 2: How can I create different pin & pattern for each application?
A: Select the app that you want to lock from App list, Lock the app and then click on Custom, Then enable “Custom Settings” and then change pin, and pattern.

Q 3: How can I prevent someone from uninstalling my AppLock?
A: Go to settings and click on “Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”. Then Lock your mobile Settings.

Q 4: Will AppLock works if I restart my Mobile?
A: Yes it will start working, and your locked apps will be protected.

Q 5: How can I check which apps are locked?
A: In the top right corner of AppLock From the drop-down menu select “Locked Apps”.

Q 6: What does “Lock recent apps” do?
A: This option prevents someone from seeing your recent Opened Apps.

Q 7: I installed AppLock, but there is no option to lock my apps with the fingerprint?
A: It depends on your mobile if your mobile has a fingerprint scanner and Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow) then finger print app lock method will also work.

Q 8: In my Huawei device when I open AppLock it again asks to On the Option of AppLock service?
A: Because you have not added AppLock in your Protected Apps list of your Huawei Mobile.

Q 9: What is “Crash Screen”?
A: If you enable Crash screen for some application it will show a window with a message of “App Crashed” after long pressing “OK” you can go to lock screen.

Q 10: How to enable Crash screen option in AppLock?
A: In, App List lock your desired app Click on “custom” and enable custom settings, and then enable “Crash.”

Q 15: How to uninstall AppLock?
A: First Remove AppLock from Device Admin from mobile settings or AppLock settings and then simply uninstall it.

• Accessibility Service: This app uses Accessibility services to enable “Improved Lock Engine” and stop battery drain.
• Draw Over Other Apps: AppLock uses this permission to draw lock screen on top of your locked app.
• Usage Access: AppLock uses this permission to detect if a lock app is opened.
• This app uses the Device Administrator permission : We use this permission to prevent other users from uninstalling this app so your locked content can be fully secured.

WeVault – Gallery Vault and Photo Lock

WeVault is a photo vault to lock your private photos and videos, with password, pattern or fingerprint lock. If you want to keep some pictures and videos safe, WeVault will be a trustable tool.

After moving photos and videos to WeVault, they can only be viewed by you. All files can be saved in the cloud and sync between different devices. Everything in WeVault is AES-256 encrypted. Military grade encryption keeps you safe.

Just look through your phone’s photo gallery and tap photos or videos to import into your WeVault Photo Vault. Once imported, you can choose to easily delete those photos from your phone’s public photo gallery while still view them in your WeVault Photo Vault.

★ Hide Photos: Protect your personal photos.
– Easily hide pictures to our vault from your gallery.
– Keep snoopers away from private photos.
– Enjoy a private photo gallery that only you can view.

★ Hide Videos: Protect private memorieseasily.
– Don’t worry about your private media in our video vault now.
– Protect your secret videos from prying eyes and nosy friends.

— WeVault Photo Locker Features —
• Hide photos
• Hide videos
• Hide audios
• Hide files
• Password lock
• Pattern lock
• Fingerprint lock
• Set album cover
• Random keyboard
• Cloud sync
• Break-In Alerts: Takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts
• Secret Door: Make WeVault look like another app with Secret Door
• Fake Password: Show fake content when unlock WeVault using fake password


HackShield for Android

The HackShield secures your device against phishing attacks, vulnerabilities created due to expired updates or third-party app installations and network-borne threats. Other security features that you can have access to with this one single app include:

⬛️ USB Debugging – Confirm that USB Debugging is turned OFF to prevent malware installation or data theft from your device.

⬛️ Unknown Sources – Check if the installation of apps from unknown sources is turned ON/OFF.

⬛️ Hidden Apps – Find out hidden apps or secret permissions to apps present on your device.

⬛️ Rooted Device – Check if your device is rooted or not.

⬛️ Data Theft – Check if your data is compromised by online service providers.

⬛️ Transactions – Secure digital transactions and online payment apps before making transactions.

⬛️ Anti-phishing – Check the authenticity of the website to prevent becoming a victim of phishing attacks and scams.

⬛️ Social Accounts – Keep a check on places and devices your social accounts are logged into, to prevent unauthorized access.

⬛️ Network Analysis – Check signal strength, Hotspot & WiFi connection in your device.

⬛️ Connected Devices – Get security details of all devices that are/were connected to your device via a network.

By installing or updating this app, you agree that your use of it is governed by the Terms of Services of this app

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