Top 5 Application of the Month

Top 5 Application of the Month

Hello and welcome friends in this video I show you the top 5 android application of the month

HWRIS – Ubuntu Style Launcher

HWRIS Launcher is a powerful, highly customizable home screen replacement. It brings advanced, hacker-like features to enhance your home screens, but still provides an easy and fast way to launch apps.

Apart from experiencing hacker life with cool terminal-like UI, you can also use Aris as a regular Launcher with App Drawer, by simply sliding up on the home screen.

Note that this app is a hack-like app and does not have any actual effect and it won’t hack the phone. It cannot hack anything and is intended to be used for customizations.

Build-in commands
uninstall: to uninstall an app
info: to launch app’s detail page
add: to put an app/contact into folder
remove: to remove an app/contact from folder
hide: to disable an app/contact from being searched
clipboard: to get text in clipboard
restart: to restart the launcher
clear: to clear the console output
show: to re-enable disabled apps/contact
wifi: to toggle WiFi
bluetooth: to toggle bluetooth
folder: to display folder
apps: to display all apps
flash: to toggle flash
weather: to display current weather
shell: to use shell
locateme: to display an image of your current location
note: to start editing a note
encrypt: to send encrypted message
ls: to display information of an item
code: to display a window displaying codes
phone number: to make phone call
equation: to calculate the equation


Instant Search
Simply type anything to launch your apps like pro hacker.

App Drawer
Slide up on the home screen to view app drawer.

Apply widgets to make your launcher even cooler.

Display all notifications directly in the console

Lock your launcher with cool code running as if you’re hacking.

You can customize your launcher by setting wallpaper, text color/size/font, keyboard, even applying icon pack!

Powerful Shell
To run shell commands, simply use ‘shell’ to start!

Instant Run
By configuring Instant Run you can do Google search etc right in the console.

Compact Hitech Launcher – sci-fi, win style Themes

This Compact Hitech launcher 2020 is one of the most exuberant launchers, styled by plenty of mesmerizing features one can ever experience of.
The beauty of this launcher lies in its fantastic collection of themes, wallpapers and its icon-pack feature. Overall you can get a smooth, sci-fi, futuristic and highly personalized experience.
Give your phone a brand new look by installing this new launcher.

Key Features

Themes :
Amazing Themes categorized as Simple themes, Hitech themes, Tiles theme (win style theme) and Info data themes.
After applying Hitech theme you can get sci-fi futuristic look and some of the hitech themes also gives feeling of hacking UI of a pro hacker.
Apply tiles themes to get Win Style theme on Android phone.

Wallpapers :
Plenty of lively HD wallpapers to match the look of you personalized themes.
you can also apply Wallpapers from your personal Gallery.

App Lock:
Lock app with password, Now you don’t need separate app for locking your apps.

Hide App:
Finger print hide app. You can Hide from your apps from app list.

You can manage your app in better way using folder feature. You can long press on any icon to convert it into folder and vice versa.

Font Style and font size :
Beautiful font styles in 7 different styles and
font sizes in 3 different choices such as small, medium and large.

IconPack :
Offer our own iconpack in this Compact Hitech launcher, This Launcher is compatible with all the Icon Packs available on play store.

Multi Language Support :
43 Languages provided in this launcher to get a localized feeling.

Weather feature :
This feature allows you to know the temperature and weather conditions of your city and other various cities.

Incredibly faster & smarter :
Compact Hitech launcher 2020 provides extremely fast and smarter handling experience with simple and smooth user interface.

You can personalize each and every icon by long pressing on it, you can change app of an icon or you can also convert it into folder.
Compact Hitech launcher, creates smart folders for you based on the categories of app. You can also customize every folder based on your need.

According to each theme we do also provide Clock, weather information, memory analyzer, and battery widget in this Compact Hitech launcher 2020.

Compact in size :
Last but not the least this launcher is only 4.9 Megabytes in size with 150 themes and custom wallpapers. That is why we have named this launcher as ‘Compact’ Launcher.

ChatChart – WhatsApp Analyser for Chat Statistics

Chat Chart is an app to provide statistical analysis of any WhatsApp conversation.
✓ Completely Free
✓ Does not have access to any device permission
✓ Does not require Internet
✓ Does not collect device data

To obtain the chatistics, simply export the individual or group chat from WhatsApp to this ‘ChatChart’ app

After analyzing the exported chat, this ChatChart displays the statistical data with bar graphs
Analysis includes statistics on:
☆Total number of –
• Messages per user
• Words per user
• Letter per user
• Emojis per user
• Deleted message of each user
• Media files shared by each user
• Links per user
• Message per day of the week
• Messages per hour
• Messages per month
• Messages in last few days
☆Top Emojis in the chat
☆Top 5 Emojis of each user
☆Top Words in the chat
☆Top 5 Words of each user
☆Top shared links
☆Top 5 links of each user
☆Most Messaged days
☆First and last messaged date and time of each user

‘ChatChart’ does not require special permissions to work. The analysis is done in isolation, without access to the Internet or device data.

Steps to get statistics of any WhatsApp chat with ‘ChatChart’ ‘:
✓ Open WhatsApp
✓ Open individual or group chat
✓ Tap Chat Options (the three dots that appear upright)
✓ Tap Export chat option
✓ Choose Export WITHOUT media files
✓ Select ‘ChatChart’ to export chat

Another option: A chat that has been previously exported to a .txt file can also be analyzed, simply select it in the file manager and open it with ‘ChatChart’ app

In addition to statistics generation and visualization of chats, there is one other useful function for WhatsApp:

☆ Fast Message. This option allows you to create / open a new WhatsApp chat from the recipient’s phone number, without adding it to the contact list in advance

These created chats, after sending a first message, will be available to be used from WhatsApp, without having to access ‘ChatChart’

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

– Background changes every time you come back to the main menu, or at an interval of time.
– Unlimited combinations of colors.
– 12 different shapes.
– Smooth 60fps animation.
– Parallax Effect like iOS 7/8. (Still in beta, but working perfectly!)
– Support Action Launcher 3.
– Customizable animations.
– Battery save mode with lower dpi textures and lower fps. (Useful on older devices)

Perfect with the new Android Marshmallow material design style!

Gorgeous palettes moving smoothly on your background.

Palettes will change every time you come back to your main menu.

The main difference with the others live background is that this one will never bother you with a lot of animations that drain your battery in 5 minutes, that’s the beauty of minimal.

It goes perfectly with the Lollipop devices and refresh the style of the older ones!

Ultimate Clicker – Auto Clicker & Macro Gesture

Ultimate Clicker is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you perform any clickswipezoom in, and zoom out gestures repetitively. It’s totally FREE. You can also customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture to perform more complex tasks.

🔸 Easy to use
🔸 No Root access required
🔸 Lightweight app size
🔸 Comprehensive gestures that cover all you need
🔸 Save and load configurations
🔸 Import and export configurations between different devices
🔸 Unlimited number of configurations and gestures
🔸 Customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture
🔸 Lock mode can prevent any unwanted or accident changes to each gesture
🔸 Add random time delay and shifting coordinates for advanced uses

System requirement:
🔸 Android 7.0+
🔸 Accessibility permission
🔸 Draw overlay permission

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